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Kassel Benefits LLC  was established in 2009 by owner Jane Kassel, on the foundation to always do what is right, just and fair. In the brand logo, the shield represents protection and the castle is a play on Jane's last name. ​

The Chess piece called the Rook, known as the CASTLE in days past is a symbol of strength and glory. The most well-known castle tower is perhaps, the Tower of London. Having played a prominent role in history, It is renowned for its endurance through time, importance to the people, host of royalty and landmark of strength.


Welcome to Kassel Benefits!

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Meet the Owner - See the Difference

About Jane Kassel

Jane Kassel is an outstanding professional in her field and a highly recognized agent. Having won multiple awards for her dedication to serving others has made her journey from crisis to celebration a true testimony of the power of God in her life.


 Catalyst Insurance Group

Rising Star Award 2020


 Catalyst Insurance Group

Agent of the Year 2021

Presidents Club 2021

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