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Providing you with the best
health insurance value in America.

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Experienced, Licensed Insurance Agent

What Clients Have to Say...

"Jane is a full service broker! She has walked me through un-winding the insurance I had before signing up for the insurance she was offering, talked me through which medical provider I should seek out, and sat and listened as I vented to her about business projects I was working on. Jane is like a concierge-therapist-warm-friend. She is incredibly knowledgeable, detail oriented, and out to fully service her clients. Her service is next level, and I have recommended her to all my family and friends. She makes insurance issues pleasant and brings joy to areas of life that you normally would not think were joyous. You can’t go wrong with aligning with Jane, she truly is a gem.”  

Jennifer B.

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Let's Personalize Your Insurance Plan

Having a great insurance plan can be the difference between financial stability and struggling to pay every medical bill.

At Kassel Benefits, we work with people from all walks of life to help them find an insurance policy that will fit

their need and their budget. Let us help you find the plan that is just right for you. 

We offer a variety of plans, which will ensure you are covered for unforeseen events.


Discover how individuals, families and groups are saving 30% - 50% their health insurance premiums.

Eliminate soaring premiums and
skyrocketing procedure costs for good.

Americans are Taking Their Buying Power Back with a Consumer-Directed,
Defined Benefits Health Plan:

Save 30% or more on monthly premiums
Individual Owned
Client controls policy coverage and changes
Clarity on procedure costs and benefits 
No surprises
Consumer Choice
Client chooses the best health provider 
No network restrictions
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Partner Resources

Policy Holder 

Provider Search


PHCS Extended Network

for Additional Savings


Patient Advocate

and Bill Negotiation

Unlimited Service by

Web and Phone 24/7

Save on Medications. Honest Pricing Better Benefits


High Quality Imaging

at a Fraction of the Price

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Find & Buy Procedures in

Arizona & Save up to 60%

Health Sharing Solutions

and More


Fast Easy, Obamacare Enrollment

We're Keeping Small Business Open & Thriving by

Providing Individualized Plans for Your Employees.

  • Lower Your Premiums
  • Attract & Retain Great Employees
  • Keep Costs Low with Wellness Services
  •  No More COBRA
Upload a Group Census
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Finally the healthcare
reform you've been asking for, is here.


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Let's build the perfect plan that fits your budget.


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